Saturday, March 20, 2010

What I think of you.

You are vanity personified, You are everything I hate, You are selfish, malicious, Ignorant.
You think that you and your wife and son are the only people on earth, but you have forgotten you have two children. I'm sorry I'm not your Son.. I'm sorry my mother turned out to be something you would rather sweep under the rug along with me. I'm Sorry that I'm hate full to you.. you gave me life but i can't love you. You treat me as if i have value As if i could sit on your shelf the only time you acknowledge me is when i achieve then i go back to the shelf i came from. I dance and entertain your friends.. You know nothing off me.. We are so distant that the bonds of birth have been completely lost.. you make me live in a separate house, You make me pay you money, you steel from me, I allow you.
you make me so angry i want to scream all of my repressed emotions at you. but every time i bite my tongue. You are why I can't handle my emotions you are why I care more about my friends then you. You are not my family you are my Nemesis And always will be, because you have let me slip away and become like this. full of hate and bitterness, emotions i despise!

We will never be normal. You don't even know what i want to be when I grow up. Nor do you care.
It hurts the most because you know what i have to deal with, With my mother You are supposed to help me be strong. but you have made me weak and fragile.

You do not deserve me. And i wish you only knew.....

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  1. wow,zoe, if only you knew just how much we had in common.
    to me this is my words coming out of your mouth, but in reverse, i feel your pain, if only i could help you in any way!