Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The best.

Some times you just have a great day where everything just goes your way.
Today was one of those days, Asif everything has a white glow and you over use the phrase " it's all good!"
Today My hair looked nice along with my make up (small things make my days) I Had art first period witch continued on for the other two periods of my school day. Recess was lovely! spent with Raphael, Jason , Doug and Rhi. Sitting in the sunshine and generally enjoying each others company! Then got a lift down the street with Jason And Nemo. I checked my bank account. I knew that it should of had around $20 for sure and when i checked it.. it had a one before the amount i SHOULD of had! As Nemo said " A bank error in your favour collect $100". Thank you lifeoply!! Then while at country noodle i contacted Liam and we met up and he gave me a whole heap more then expected of posters!! It was a lovely thing to receive and for him to do!
Then while Nemo and Jason ate there country noodles i went to St Vincents ( VINNNNIES!!!!!!)
And when there i found A fantastic blue checked coat! checked pants and a checked shirt to wear to youth Olympics and a beautiful clip on tie along with a lovely vest and And a David Jones blazer witch can be used for school and for the 18th I'm attending on the weekend!!
All this cost me $22! Bargains do exist!
After this i walked back to school and hung out with Nemo, he tried to teach me to play the guitar but quickly realised i sucked and stopped i was fine listening to him play. He is pretty good.. But brilliant at base!
After that Nemo and I went to the bus bay and chatted. Then Douglas came! and the day was even better!! Talk about perfect days! The bus ride home was a happy experience as always!!
These days i wonder about the most! i wonder if anyone else has the same kind of day as well as me? Or if i have some kind of glow about myself! all i know is that these a magical days and should be cherished!

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