Monday, March 15, 2010

A new love, hacked!

This is a love of mine, Hacky sack and I. But I write in true sadness, for fear I may have to hang up my sack...
It all started a while ago When my friend group at school started playing hacky sack it looked so overwhelming from a distance that i couldn't help but want to join in!
At first i was awful... and Nemo and Elias made fun of me for my capabilities at sucking at sack!
But i kept trying because i was in love!
Admittedly Nemo said i was improving, So i reaped the rewards at lunch and recess bouncing the small ball of my knee's and toes.
But I have a problem... i kick... And this leads to the hacky sack landing on the roof.
Every single hacky sack i have played with... has ended up on a roof or behind a heater or on a high shelf.. (due to my height, inaccessible!)
This has lead to me being BANNED from hacky sack.... ( By Nemo... the jerk)
The rules..
I can stand in the hacky circle as long as i don't do anything.
I can play with my own hacky sack but not Nemo's.
I am starting to agree with Nemo, i really aren't any good. Just today i was hacking by myself under a roof... a small over hang below the roof caught my hacky sack... So even when below a roof my hacky sack ends upon it.
I don't know if this will continue forever.. But i do know that TSHSFYNC.. ( The Secret Hacky Sack, Fuck You Nemo Crew) pronounced "tshhh fink" made up of the select few known as Michael, Emily and Maddie, Are starting a rebellion against the hacky sack repressors!!!
I will hack to the death... My brutality will continue and Nemo...
You can suck my sack.....

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