Tuesday, March 16, 2010

As I stood.

Today i stood on one spot in Lithgow plaza for over twenty minutes, I seemingly went unnoticed although i was holding a plastic bag filled with lettuce, Anyway. As I stood i noticed the many people who walked by and upon that spot i discovered.
1) I'm terrified of age! I feel that perhaps I'm in my prime now, What if i become horribly disfigured with age? As much as i love cats i don't want them to be my only relationship at the age of 50.
2) I wondered if any of the many people who drifted past me had been in my exact position at my age and this is what they had become, stuck in Lithgow for the remaining of there lives as if in limbo. I feared that these people had also had no idea what they wanted to do in life... just played it cool until there was no remaining options left... What if my ultimate fate is to remain in Lithgow for the rest of my life, being the weird old lady with two many cats who stands out the front of Cole's with a bag of lettuce.
i really hope that's not what i become! But if i have no idea of what i want to be is it decided for me?
Dear age.. you are a bitch and i hope you stay away from me!

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