Sunday, March 14, 2010

For the first.

Human morality is something that is hard to find. We all have a set of 'built in' morals but we very rarely use them, why is that so!
I would like to plead to humanity or at least my generation of cunt's and crack whores to start to use those shriveled set of rules that remain deep in your hearts because we are losing so much!

I don't understand it. I believe it is something that every living thing on earth strives for, An unknown force that compels us. But have I really ever felt it? How do we know if it's all the same? Does anyone else 'love' pizza shapes the same way I do? I'm scared that I will never know if I have found love before I die.
"I just don't get it"

This wouldn't be a teenagers blog with out some cliche teenage angst! Why is it all so hard!
But seriously it's not that I wouldn't complain if things were so easy, because I'm sure it would become boring... But there are so many complications that occur because we make them harder ourselves! both my headings lead to this hardship. We Love but make it harder by not being sure if it's love or lust or even friendship and this leads us on a path to more confusion with "do they like me back" or is it "love me back"
I would like to think If some people indeed had more morality then less pain would be in the world and until then I'll just wait...

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