Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hello baked experience

Today/Night I'm making Brownies!
What a experience it will be! New joys to be had for sure, Today was a lovely day although it seemed as if everything was tightly sealed in a zip lock bag, what i mean by this is i felt as though i was still on drugs... but i wasn't. It was sunny but i decided to wear a jumper..... i felt ill but had nothing on underneath.. I had discussions with people i normally don't talk to and that was lovely! I hope the new discussions spark a desire of others to speak to me often! Also i got my report back and received good marks so it's something to be proud off. Tonight will be a tribute to my efforts although i think i may put more effort in! But thank you premeditated fate for giving me a lovely and wonder filled day! hopefully this evening shall be as joy full!

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