Monday, April 19, 2010


Today was the first day back. I was nervous for some unexplainable reason. but upon arrival all was well again. I like school and I'm going to miss it. A place where people my age gather everyday is going to be hard to find again. I'm scared that i will drown in a sea of my own homework some day soon. but there is no way to catch up! And i don't understand ancient history! I tell myself it will be better when i have two working legs, but I'm sure that's a mental excuse... Any way today was good because i haven't smiled so hard in a long time! i felt as though i was glowing.

I love Emily's new hair.

I love Doug's new/old hat.

I like Rohan's new beanie.

And i generally enjoy the company and friends school provides!

Today i also caught the bus! my observation:

I love Brittani's fingerless gloves in the sunshine.

And i have missed the lovely bus bonding experiences i used to take for granted But now they are back and will be cherished!

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