Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Yeah so, I haven't written lately! And i want to write to assure anyone that i have had a great few days!

Last Friday night I slept in a cave with the lovely Thomas.B, Joel.B, Reuben.C and Aiden. A

It was a great night! I love male company so much! And the whole setting was beautiful, many a marsh mellow and good time was had, i hope to have this again sometime!

I'm content at the moment and pretty relaxed about everything, This is good but other people around me seem rather stressed, I hope they can pick up on my calm vibes and settle the fuck down....

Many questions have popped up around me lately, Questions of sexuality, If i like someone back, One emotion out weighing the other, How will manage without money?... And who am i? Yes! I'm in the middle of an Identity Crisis! but it's cool coz i can deal well, But really, sometimes i over think things in the shower and realise that I'm really no one, Like what do i possibly offer other people? Like i want to be everything anyone asks for, But no one ever asks me of anything, so how am i to comply. I often look to my friend Brittani. O and wonder how she manages everything perfectly, She is a brilliant people person, she offers what others want and i wish i was more like her!!! It's her birthday today and i had to borrow money off her, I feel like a REALLY shitty friend and I'm destined to make it up to her! I'll find something! i think I'll buy her lunch or dinner on my birthday! I really do love her!

Any way one of my fish died, Sidley... I cried.. It was so sad! But I'm coming to accept his death these days, I'll by another one like him.. but I'm sure he won't be the same!

Everything has been fine, accept the weather!!! Oh my i REALLY hate Lithgow weather... I want to hurt it.. it's so frustratingly cold!! and windy all on the same day!!! I never want to live here permanently in my entire life! It's too cold!

Any way that catches up for the last couple of days!

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